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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi 
Creative Educators International Day is celebrated on June 6, in honor of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871), who elucidated the concept of Value-Creating Education and put it into practice.  The Creative Educators International Network (CEIN) is the current organization that organizes and celebrates this day to shed light on Value-Creating Education and promotes this concept internationally through ongoing Concept Dialogues, Conferences, experience sharing, and partnerships.  The Earth Charter is one of CEIN’s partners as we share the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.  On June 6, members and guests renew their determination to live a value-creative life with a variety of activities world-wide, including tree planting and activities to care for the environment as well as seminars to educate others about Value Creating Education. 
Cleaning up the river in the Amazon; Planting a tree in Costa Rica
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